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For high-quality spices like saffron for import, you must work with an experienced supplier that understands the product, its market, and the challenges posed by the supply chain. Quick access to a key ingredient such as the saffron flower can distinguish between poor business practices and competitive ones that exceed expectations.

VTK Global Trades, a start-up company based in the Philippines, understands the importance of reliable suppliers and logistics in sourcing and importing saffron. Saffron is a rare and expensive spice sourced from Crocus sativus, which comes with reddish-brown color once dried. It’s a popular part of Persian and Italian cooking in many Asian cooking. This spice takes its color from crocin, and it’s the main reason why it adds golden color to dishes.

For most businesses, the saffron spice is called the ‘red gold’ for the right reasons. You see, it’s one of the most expensive spices in the world right now, commanding a price of up to US$5,000 per kilogram. Its prices fluctuate wildly, depending on the supply availability. Farmers cultivate saffron once a year, during autumn, so you’ll easily understand how supply impact availability and its price. As such, it’s only best to work with a supplier in the Philippines that appreciates the product, knows where to source, and can competently navigate the tricky supply chain and its many challenges.

VTK Global Trades, a pioneer importer of saffron in the country, is committed to bringing this premium spice to you without the usual stress. So if you’re a businessman looking for a saffron supplier, a restaurateur who demands premium-quality ingredients, or a vendor, read on, and let’s explore the world of saffron and discover why it’s one of the world’s most treasured spices!


Understanding  Saffron- Its Flower, Cultivation, and Other Characteristics


Saffron flowers are harvested annually, every autumn

You may have heard about saffron, its uses in different regional cooking, and its high cost in the market. Or you may be one of those business owners looking to buy and sell saffron and use it as one of the primary ingredients in your recipes. Or perhaps, you’re just a certified foodie, and you’re curious and appreciate the yellow or even golden color that it lends to dishes. But what exactly is the saffron spice, where does it come from, and why is it one of the most expensive products in the world? Here, we’ll answer your questions about this spice and can even help you get your saffron!

Saffron is a popular spice sourced from the stigmas of the flowers called the Crocus sativus. Each saffron flower has three stigmas; harvesters carefully pick each flower to collect the saffron threads. Now, these threads are then dried, and they’re the ones you use in cooking, and others, use these for other cosmetic and medicinal applications. The Saffron flower is native to southwest Asia, particularly in Iran, but it’s also grown in other parts of Europe. Iran remains the world’s top producer of premium saffron, but you can also source it from other countries, including India, Morocco, and Afghanistan.


So, What Makes Saffron an Expensive Spice?

So, why does saffron currently command a high price in the market? Can I buy it cheap and still get that earthy-sweet flavoring with some touches of honey and flower notes? As much as we want to make saffron readily available at a low price, the market and the conditions in the supply chain impact its market price. So, much is saffron right now? According to one leading sourcing company, the retail price of this spice in the United States ranges between US$ 800 and US$ 1500 per kilogram. So, what makes saffron highly-sought after and expensive in the market? Well, there are several reasons that explain its status, and we discuss it below:


    1. Type and Grade: Unlike other ordinary spices, saffron are offered in different types and grades, and these impact its final price. The saffron’s quality largely depends on the presence of three chemicals the crocin, which deermines its color, the picrocrocin, which affects its taste, and the safranal, which influences its taste. So you see, if you have three types of saffron in your kitchen, it’s possible that mat differ slightly in taste, color and aroma. The saffron you can buy in the market comes in Grades I, II, III and IV. Among the different types of saffron you can buy, the Saffron Negin is of the highest quality, so it comes at a higher price.


    1. Origin: Sometimes, it’s good to ask where the saffron is sourced. You see, the region where the flower is cultivated and harvested may impact its quality. In our experince, the saffron flowers from Iran and the Kashmir are highly valued in our business,loved for their aroma and taste, and yes, they’re more expensive than the rest!


    1. Supply and Production Issues: We already mentioned that the harvest season for saffron only happens once a year, often during the autumn. In addition, harvesting and processing saffron is also a laborious and time-consuming process. As we already indicated here, the saffron flower only has three threads, so just imagine how flowers you’ll need for a kilogram of the spice! Also, the flowers have super-thin threads and they’re very delicate to handle. So, farmers and owners work carefully to ensure that all flowers are harvested by hand, and these should not be under extreme heat of the sun.


    1. Handling Costs: We think that another major issue with saffron’s price lies in the transportation and handling costs. This spice is imported from distant countries such as Iran, so many traders and suppliers, such as our company, take into account the import and transportation costs as part of the pricing scheme.

If you’re a business man, a restaurant owner, or simply wants to trade saffron, here are the key highlights you must know about our product:


    • Harvest season. Harvesting saffron happens once a year, often during the autumn.


    • Saffron comes in different grades and quality. The industry often categorize the spice on how it’s picked, based on the age, and the presence of chemicals. Also, there’s a ISO set of standards on how to categorize and grade these spices!


    • Source of saffron. Today, Iran remains as the top produce of fine saffron for export.


Using Saffron- Our Quick Guide on the Saffron Uses

With its price, it’s understandable for some people to be surprised, and be dissuaded from using it. Don’t bet, just a small amount of saffron can go a long way in adding flavor, aroma and character to your dish! When used in the kitchen, chefs and seasoned cooks normally use just a teaspoon of saffron to add a rich flavor or color to the dish. It’s difficult to place the complex flavor of saffron, especially if you’re a beginner, and haven’t worked with this spice before.

Saffron offers that sweet, bright, and flowery notes on your dishes, with a bit earthy tones, too. If you’re simply using saffron for household cooking, you have the option to buy it in threads or as grounds. We highly recommend buying and using the saffron threads, and you should store it in an airtight glass container, away from direct sunlight.


Saffron uses
Saffron in a white plate and cosmetic cream on a white background. Cream with saffron extracts.


Health Benefits of Saffron Use

Did you know that your use of saffron can also bring health benefits?

One of the world’s most expensive spices can also benefit your health. According to many studies and researches, this spice boasts several plant compounds that serve as antioxidants. Antioxidants are those molecules that can protect our cells against oxidative stress and free radicals. The safranal in saffron, which provides its unique aroma and taste, can help boost your memory, mood and learning ability. In a WebMD article, is suggests that the intake of saffron can help address depression, or even address the symptoms of Alzheimer disease. For these, saffron can be taken by mouth.

It is also widely suggested that saffron is a ‘sunshine spice’, not because of its bright colors, but in its effectiveness in boosting one’s mood.


Where to Buy Your Saffron

So, now that you’ve learned a few things about saffron, particularly its uses and benefits, you’re ready to buy your saffron. If you’re an individual, and you’ll just use the spice in your kitchen and family use, then there are a few options available for you:


Get it at markets and local stores

Your local markets and stores may offer saffron. You can also visit spice shops or ask some restaurant with stores if they carry saffron. Keep in mind that saffron’s quality and its authenticity are always crucial.


Order it online

Still, the most convenient way of buying saffron is to order it online. Online stores and suppliers such as the VTK Global Trades offer individuals like you a quick and easy way of buying saffron. Most of these stores offer you detailed product descriptions, and they guarantee that your saffron is of high quality, and handled the best way possible.


Why Order Your High Quality Saffron from VTK Global Trades

Ordering your saffron online is always the most cost-effective way to do business. But remember, don’t just order your saffron from the first online seller or store that you encounter online. Remember, saffron is costly, and its quality is dependent on several factors, including the source and how its handled. As such, it’s best to work with a company that understands the product and its source. VTK Global Trades is one of the leading suppliers of saffron in the Philippines. VTK Global Import & Export Corp is the pioneer supplier of saffron in the country, promising over 120 kilogram of high-quality Super Negin, and other grades of premium saffron for a variety of usage.

No other local company or supplier can match or exceed the promised production of VTK Global Trades. To deliver on this promise, the VTK Global Trades team works with top farmers and vendors in Iran to source premium saffron of different grades, to meet the demands of our customers and clients. So, whether you’re a chef, a restaurant owner, a trader, or a businessman, you can count on us to deliver your premium saffron at the right quality and quantity.

At VTK Global Trades, we focus on quality and reliability when processing your saffron orders. Our team takes pride in our tested relationships with reputable farmers and producers, ensuring that each order that pass through our system pass through stringent tests and checks. Our commitment to quality control applies to all orders, no matter how small or big that may be. It’s our commitment to ensure that our strict quality process will result in your saffron order that’s unparelled, in flavor, freshness and aroma.

The VTK Global Trade brand is also about reliability. We understand our clients’ specific needs; whether you’re a home cook, a chef, restaurant owner, a trader, or a business owner, we’ll strive to deliver your order in a timely manner. We aim to become the reliable go-to supplier for saffron in the country, and we can make it possible by delivering on the promise.

Importation Information- Standard Regulatory Requirements When Importing Saffron

Importing saffron can be challenging due to numerous of industry regulations and requirements that a company like VTK Global Trade must complete. Let’s take a look at some of those requirements, and reasons why they’re necessary.


    1. Agriculture License: Companies that want to import saffron must have an agricultural license. A license is critical for a high-value product like saffron from Iran to ensure that the products meet the minimum quality requirements. Also, you’ll become confident working with a company, knowing that it’s team has a background in agriculture, and clearly understands the products.


    1. Customs Clearance: It’s also important that the company’s custom clearance is inorder. Suppliers like VTK Global Trade are expected to deliver all necessary information related to documentation, including the packing list, invoice, and license. Our customs authorities will take appropriate steps to inspect the products before approving a license.


    1. Quality Control: There’s a strict quality process and procedures that must be followed when importing premium products like saffron. Quality control teams will check and inspect the products to ensure that these are not fake, and unadulturated. Also, these products must adhere to our country’s policies on use of pesticide residues.


    1. Proper packaging: When important high-value and delicate products like saffron, it’s crucial that the right packaging must be used. Saffron must be protected from direct heat and moisture to ensure its quality and freshness.


    1. Working with the right supplier: Importation is a tricky business, and not all suppliers are reliable. As such, you’ll also need to practice due diligence so you’ll only work with a top supplier that can deliver quality saffron at competitive price points. If you’re planning to buy or import saffron, we highly recommend checking the background of the supplier, and don’t forget to ask questions.


    1. Pricing: For most customers, price is the most important factor when deciding when and where to buy. Keep in mind that the price of saffron varies, depending on its quality and grade, and its source. It’s important that you work with a supplier with an extensive network in the business so they can procure at the best price points, without sacrificing quality and freshness.


Why Work with VTK Global Trade?


    1. Highly scalable production capacity: We’re committed to delivering premium saffron in bulk. Our company operates advanced facilities in the country that can store and process saffron to meet your requirements. It’s our commitment to store and deliver fresh and high quality saffron anytime of the year, at whatever quantity you require.


    1. Commitment to international standards: Our team never compromises quality even if you’re ordering in bulk, or in short notice. The commitment to quality starts at the point of origin, during handling, and when storing these products before they’re delivered to our customers.


    1. Certified Authentic: Our business is high-quality saffron, and we’re staking our reputation on this promise. We understand the concerns of some about fake saffron or products with that aren’t pure. We always certify and assure our clients in the Philippines that are saffron are genuine, fresh, and of high quality.


    1. Professional Customer Service: As a pioneer in importing saffron, we understand the importance of friendly and responsive customer support. We treat our customers the same, whether they’re small traders, or a big-time company that requires Iranian saffron.


    1. Competitive Prices: We also offer a price guarantee for premium saffron from Iran and other sources.

VTK Global Import & Export Corp. is not just your ordinary supplier and importer of saffron. We’re proud to say that we’re a pioneer importer of high-quality saffron, with highly scalable production and supply. Our team can cater to small orders from chefs, food enthusiasts, and we’re also ready to accommodate the requests of traders and restaurant owners, with out 120 kg of premium Super Negin and lower grade saffron within easy access. Whether you’re a food connoisseur, a business owner, or a trader, our team can deliver the saffron you need, at your preferred volume in a competitive pricing.

Do you want to learn more about saffron? Don’t forget to browse our Blog for more information.

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